Thursday, July 12, 2012

Courthouse folks seek old photo's owners

Is it you in this picture? Or do you know the couple? The good folks at the old courthouse are trying to find the picture's owner. According to Kathy Blair at the Clerk of Circuit Court, the picture, taken around 1936, was found on the courthouse grounds. Kathy can be reached at 741-4002.

The new manager at Applebee’s, 4301 Cortez Road, sure traveled a long way. Alex Formey and wife Emily moved here from South Dakota.

The Cortez Village Historical Society and Florida Maritime Museum are planning a Nov. 10 celebration of the 100th anniversary of the old Cortez School. Organizers want to hear from its former students and share their memories. The celebration coincides with the annual Cortez Folk Music and Art Festival. Folks can write Sam Bell at Cortez Village Historic Society, P.O. Box 663 Cortez, Fla. 34215. Or call Amara Cocilovo at 941-708-6120 or 941-447-9036. Or email:

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