Monday, April 9, 2012

A very good Monday for a change

Mondays I can do without.
You know how it goes, especially dragging to work after a weekend as nice as Easter was.
My wife will agree with me.
This Monday, though, was different for Sherri.
Around 9 a.m., she received a phone call at work from a friend who was listening to Jones & Crane on 107.9 WSRZ.
They'd announced my wife's name for her to call in as the winner in their online Easter egg hunt.
Happily, Sherri did to claim the prize.
Of course, she's going to split the loot with her mom, sisters and niece who contributed the names for the clues.
Yet there was another nice surprise in store for my wife Monday morning.
A little later Sherri received an email from one of her bank bosses.
Would she like tickets for Saturday night's concert at Tampa Bay Times Forum?
Not just any concert, mind you.
Van Halen.
Although my wife is not a fan of the fan, her husband is.
Biiiiig time.
So we are going to Van Halen and I know I will owe Sherri biiiiig time.
It was a good Monday, indeed.

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