Monday, April 30, 2012

Clyde Butcher like our own Ansel Adams

Clyde Butcher.
If there's one photographer whose art always stops me in my tracks and makes me appreciate the message in his pictures it's him.
He is our Ansel Adams, a genuine American icon whose handiwork captured the natural majesty of the west.
Clyde Butcher does that for Florida.
That his exhibition is at South Florida Museum through August is wonderful, as chronicled by my colleague Wade Tatangelo in last Sunday's Herald.
Black-and-white photography has always fascinated me.
I've got several such prints of scenes around Ireland in my study.
I wish I had something of Clyde Butcher's to go with them.
His photos never fail to make me think --- these vistas and visions of nature are in our state?
They reinforce the beauty of Florida.
I'm hardly surprised when I read Butcher will take as long as several days to get the exact shade and shot he wants.
Such an artist is blessed to be able to make time work for him instead of the other way around.
Who else among us can say that?
No one.

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