Friday, April 6, 2012

Public waits for other shoe to drop in jail probe

Conduct unbecoming.
A succinct term that should get your attention, especially if you wear a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office badge.
The words could get you fired.
Unfortunately, they ring hollow in the unfolding drama involving the operation of the Manatee County jail’s farm and cattle ranch.
Major Jamey Higginbotham, the former jail supervisor, and Sgt. Frank "Buddy" Parks were both cited for "conduct unbecoming a deputy" after an eight-month MCSO investigation into misuse of public property.
They’re alleged to have taken agency property — i.e., hay, feed, equipment — for their own use and allowed employees to do so, too, for years.
Theirs was an operation that had its own set of rules.
Higginbotham retired last June.
What a coincidence.
Parks retired recently rather than take a suspension and demotion.
Neither’s retirement pension will be affected.
Of course.

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  1. this is BS!!!!!!!!!! what would happen to me if i took stuff from the sheriff's farm?? oh wait i know i would be in jail!!!!!!!!