Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Folks, don't try this at home

This could only happen to me.

Or can you relate?

I got home Wednesday morning after my daily trip to the gym and parked the pickup in our garage.

I grabbed my water bottle, which I refill and put in the garage fridge, and my truck keys as I got out.

For some reason, I thought better of it and slipped the keys back into the ignition.

Then I locked the door and closed it all in one motion.

Ever had one of those moments where you dumbly stare at something and say to yourself, "Did I just do what I think I did?"


A tug on the door handle was all I needed to confirm as much.


Even better was the realization my spare set of keys was ... inside the truck, too.

After a brief panic attack, I called AAA and explained my predicament.

Help will be at the house by 10 a.m., I was told.

Cool. Could've been worse, given my stupidity.

So I took a quick shower and was toweling off when the doorbell rang.

Can't be.

I opened the door.

It was!

AAA locksmith Jeff "Whiskey" Harrell was on the scene.

Not 10 minutes had gone by since my phone call.

Man, I told him, that's what I call service.

Harrell said he was in the neighborhood when he got the message.

Then we went into the garage, he popped the lock, and I was good to go.

Wednesday was getting off to a good start afterall.

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