Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All done with your Christmas shopping?

Got your Christmas shopping done?

It was a simple question in passing with an acquaintance, but it gave me pause.

Yes, I answered.

I'm all done.

I think.

Made a stop Tuesday for a couple of things that ought to do it.

Actually started shopping more than a month ago and worked my way along from there.

Did some at lunch, some after work and a time or two on the weekends.

All of it's for my wife.

Got some of the presents wrapped, but still have a few left to do.

Wrapping presents isn't my bag.

Which is why those women who wrap presents at Beall's have earned my undying gratitude and respect.

They can make the humblest gift look like a million bucks after they're done with the ribbons and bows.

Of course, come Christmas morning I'll tell Sherri I did it.

Maybe not.

She knows better.

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