Friday, November 18, 2011

Save commissioners' prayers for Sunday

Pray or don’t pray.

That’s a vexing issue facing the Manatee County Commission.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation from Madison, Wis., has requested our esteemed commissioners cease prayers before their weekly commission meetings.

Unnecessary, inappropriate and divisive.

That’s what a foundation attorney called the practice.

Expensive, too, he might’ve added.

If this turns into a lawsuit, that will not go over well with Manatee County taxpayers.

The commissioners want to fight to pray?

Don’t do it on our dime.

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1 comment:

  1. WHY should Manatee County allow ANY organization 1200 miles away to dictate what goes on here in Manatee County? If the individual wanted to complain, why not try the direct approach, of contacting someone locally first...This political correctness will be the death of this great country. I also detest this form of blackmail...Do what 1 individual complained about or we'll sue you. Doesn't the Supreme Court of this country start their sessions with a prayer? Doesn't both houses of Congress have their own Chaplains to say a prayer in each house ?? I thought this Republic was made for the MAJORITY, not a single individual. Sorry Vin, you are 180 degrees off on this one...