Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Do Black Friday? Don't think so

Black Friday?

I've been inundated with emails about this deal and that bonanza for the past 10 days and I'm almost half-tempted to join the masses, who will flock to the malls to begin their pre-holiday hauls Thursday night.


I have several friends for whom Black Friday is almost a Holy Day of Obligation and I'm always amused by the tales of their adventures going from store to store in the wee hours.

That's as far as it goes for me.

Same for my wife.

Sherri loves to shop as much as anyone, but as for doing the Black Friday deal?

Not her.

Not me.

By the time those folks are gearing up for the late night shopping spree, yours truly will probably be half-asleep in front of the TV, trying to stay awake for the 49ers-Ravens game between the Brothers Harbaugh.

And digesting a big Thanksgiving dinner.


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