Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Playoffs already? Where'd season go?

That our high school football playoffs start Friday night makes me wonder about one thing:


Seems like just last week I was at Palmetto's kickoff classic against visiting Venice that was postponed due to lightning, then drove down to Manatee to catch its preseason tuneup against visiting American Heritage of Delray Beach.

Ditto for Southeast's kickoff classic against visiting Fort Myers and the Noles' subsequent season opener against Largo.

Boy, the regular season sure flies by, all right.

It happens every year.

You get psyched for those Friday night lights -- or Thursday night lights -- and, whoosh! it's over before you know it.

So we get to savor it a few more weeks.

The pre-game pageantry and marching bands at halftime.

Reveling in big plays and high-fiving friends after our team scores.

Going out after the game for beer and wings.

Those Friday night lights sure are fun.

Here's hoping the home teams who are in the dance keep it going.

All the way to Orlando.

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