Monday, October 24, 2011

Hurricane? Nah, too cold. Right!

Famous last words?

Upon arriving home after a week in Ohio's fall climes, we were greeted with a forecast that called for a potential tropical disturbance that might affect Florida.

Nah, I told my wife.

It's too cold.

Even watching the Weather Channel folks over the weekend didn't prompt concern.

Looked like it'd make the Honduras and those parts wetter than usual, is all.


Rina, the season's 17th tropical storm, blew up into a hurricane Sunday with 75 mph winds that are predicted to exceed 111 mph before nearing Cancun Friday morning.

While four computer models have it lingering around Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, two other models predict it moving northeast and across our state's southern tip.

The last hurricane to originate in that neck of the woods and rip across South Florida was Hurricane Wilma, which reached Category 5 briefly, in 2005.

And it happened in late October, too.

Uh, oh!

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