Monday, October 4, 2010

A cat man among many dogs

Where's your pet?"

A friend snuck up behind me at Monday's Blessing of the Animals at St. Joseph's Catholic School and asked me that.

Funny, I answered, I don't see any cats here.

Way too many dogs for that.

I've always been a cat man, but I adopted mine out before Sherri and I got married.

That cat made out pretty good, too.

Not only did she get taken in by a Lakewood Ranch family, but she summers with them at their other home in Minnesota!

I daresay she's living a lifestyle way beyond Wares Creek which is where I had her for almost five years.

The next pet we have will be a dog, probably something of the smaller variety.

Right now, though, there's a Shih Tzu belongs to the neighbors next door named Wednesday.

If we're both out. she comes charging over, her ears and tail flopping as she runs across our lawn for some lovin.'

It's a great way to start the work day. Or end it.

Until Sherri and I get our own dog, Wednesday will do.

Unless, we kidnap her first.


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