Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lady Luck smiles on Uncle Sam

England 1, Uncle Sam 1.

A great result.

The friends I watched Saturday's World Cup match with may not have understood the magnitude of the final score, but that's cool.

My pal Brian Schultz dozed throughout much of the game.

He's a football-baseball guy like me, but I enjoy soccer, as well.

Especially a tense match like this played on a level like the World Cup.

Did Tim Howard play a monster game in goal for the USA or what?

The way the USA settled down and kept its composure after giving up the early English goal spoke volumes about the side's makeup.

Speaking of volume, we turned our TV down rather than listen to those annoying South African vuvuzela horns that sound like a million bees are swarming the pitch.

Anyway, a gift goal allowed by the English keeper was a lucky, lucky break, the kind a side needs if it's going to advance in the World Cup.

Luck was with Uncle Sam Saturday.

A great result, indeed.

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