Wednesday, June 23, 2010



I went a little crazyWednesday morning when Landon Donovan slammed home the dramatic game-winning goal in those frantic final minutes of Uncle Sam's Group C final over Algeria.


OK, maybe a little too crazy.

I was at work.

The boss even came out of her office and sternly reminded me, "This is a newsroom."

I felt like I was at home. Or in  a sports bar.

Instead, I was at the Herald newsroom, watching the maddening World Cup match with a handful of colleagues, a few of whom were in an office World Cup pool.

A World Cup pool? Yes.

I enjoy soccer, but not that much.

An emotional investment? I'm good with that.

Especially Wednesday.

After so many missed scoring chances -- and another blown call by an official -- it was driving any American soccer fan nuts.

I had a feeling it was going to go down right to the excruciating end.

When it did in the 91st minute, what a euphoric feeling.


Sorry, boss.

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