Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Senior burial insurance offer now?

So there I was, newly wed, going through the mail.

Tucked among the wedding congratulations, magazines and what not was a business reply mail card for this:

Burial insurance.

Somebody out there has a dark sense of humor.

It read: "Dear Mr. Mannix, We are proud to announce a Senior Burial Insurance Program to help you pay for your final expenses. ... "

Final expenses?

OK. I am 60 and, though I don't feel senior, I won't hesitate to take advantage of any price breaks for which that age qualifies me.

Except burial insurance.

Not yet, thank you.

I'll admit I've gone through those phases over the last few months where an ache in a vital location wouldn't go away, I think uh, oh!, run to the doctor and it turned out to be stress.


Maybe it was caused by waiting for our nuptials.

No matter.

I'm feeling renewed these days and more interested in living.

Not dying.

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