Friday, April 9, 2010

Consolidation answer for Bradenton?

Welcome to the City of Bradenton Central Fire Station, the sign reads as you enter the parking lot.

Might it be changed one day to: Manatee County Central Fire Station?

Bradenton City Councilman Gene Gallo, for whom the building is dedicated, probably says perish the thought.

Yet given the bleak city budget discussion Wednesday, it’s something to contemplate.

Gallo said the work session was as gloomy as he can recall in 50 years with the city, including 31 with the fire department.

Yet when Councilman Pat Roff spoke of examining a special assessment for fire department services, the former Bradenton fire chief said no.

“When people move into a municipality, they expect specific services — fire, police and water,” Gallo said. “If there’s a need to generate revenue, we need to have the guts to do what’s necessary.”

It got me thinking about a hot button word:


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