Friday, September 13, 2013

What's going on with Port Manatee leadership?

Port Manatee has always seemed to be its own little world, tucked away in the county’s northwest corner right off U.S. 41.
@BR BodyRR:Usually, the only time it’s in the news is when there’s a photo op with some visiting politicians.
Or the port just received another shipload of expansion money.
Or some unlucky stevedore is crushed by falling cargo.
Otherwise, the port carries on, what with tropical produce, forest and petroleum products, phosphate fertilizers, cement, steel and such coming and going.
Business as usual.
Until lately.
A series of disturbing events over the past four months makes you wonder, what in blue blazes has been going on with the top people who were supposed to be running that multi-billion dollar enterprise.
Where to begin?

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