Saturday, June 1, 2013

Signs that tell you it is hurricane season

Our human resources department emailed each of us an employee locator form, which means one thing.
It’s hurricane season.
The bosses want to know our plans in case of the impending arrival of a Category 1 or higher hurricane.
That’s followed by the question — where will you go if told to evacuate?
I type in the same answer every year.
The Railway Tavern in County Kerry, Ireland, overlooking Tralee Bay.
I wish.
Instead, we’ll all be gearing up for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw our way.
The experts are forecasting an active or extremely active season, which is overstating the obvious because we’ve had nothing but active hurricane season forecasts for the past several years.
Besides, all it takes is one hurricane to ruin your day, not to mention rearrange your life.

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