Wednesday, June 5, 2013

One way to definitely not begin your morning

Do not try this at home.
Take it from me.
Monday morning I had just gotten back from an hour in the gym on the treadmill. I would normally have walked that hour around our neighborhood, but it was raining.
Anyway, I showered, toweled off and began going through my usual routine getting ready for work.
Deodorant there.
Powder there.
Body lotion there.
But I'd developed a bit of a rash from my elastic shorts and reached for the Cortizone.
Only I couldn't find it in the drawer where I keep those sort of things.
So I opened the medicine cabinet to see if I'd put it there.
Well, there was that good ol' red-and-white tube. I grabbed it, squirted a dab on my hands and began to apply it.
Uh, oooh!
It was BENGAY Ultra Strength.
I jumped back in the shower, turned on the cold water and doused the fire as best I could.
After a few minutes, I was as good as I would be, resumed getting ready for work and made a mental note to myself.
Next time, stupid, wear your glasses.

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