Friday, October 19, 2012

Riverwalk a potpourri of sights and sounds

Hey, can ya fish here?” asked the 40ish fellow, his coffee cup steaming in the bright morning sunlight. “It don’t say nothin’ about no fishin’.”
That was my intro to the Bradenton Riverwalk at 8:45 a.m. Friday.
The grand opening of the $6.2 million project came and went the day before. The hospitality tents were gone. TV crews, too.
Now it was just folks checking out 1.5-mile-long public park that hugs the Manatee River from the Green Bridge to Riverside Drive East.
Walkers. Joggers. Bicyclists. Elderly couples. Young families.
And one guy looking for a spot to wet a hook near the kayak-and-canoe launch opposite the Manatee Memorial Hospital parking annex.
Turned out there’s a fishing pier around the corner, but one of Bradenton’s finest patrolling the premises told me the man was good to go where he was.
Indeed, Riverwalk appears to have something for everybody, young, old and in between.

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