Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Family in South Jersey survives Sandy

The phone calls were made over the weekend.
I called each of my five siblings living in South Jersey.
Brothers Jim and Joey on Saturday. Sisters MaryAnne, Jeanne and Patricia on Sunday.
So, I said to each of them, you folks ready for Hurricane Sandy?
It was weird.
Usually it's them calling me when another hurricane or tropical storm is steaming toward our neighborhood.
This time our roles was reversed.
But they knew the drill.
Got enough water.
Got a generator.
Got batteries and flashlights.
Already took down everything that might end up a projectile.
Turned out they made it through Sandy in good shape.
Spoke with two sibs Tuesday and left messages with the other three.
Nobody lost power.
Nobody's home suffered damage.
Nobody got flooded out.
Good news.

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