Friday, May 4, 2012

Commissioner's sacrifice counters criticism

The photo shows a young pilot and his jet fighter, its fuselage punctured with holes big and small.
A caption reads: “I’ve been shot at by professionals.”
The pilot is Larry Bustle.
His words referred to North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun crews who kept trying to kill him during the Vietnam War.
They don’t allude to the recent sniping of some of Bustle’s fellow Manatee County commissioners.
Their words may sting, but they’re not lethal.
Nor is their aim as good.

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  1. Thanks for fair and balaced Vin.
    Larry didn't lobby for the tax break but he earned it.
    Thank you for your service Larry.

    Richard Wiliams
    Lakewood Ranch

  2. Fox 13 took a cheap shot @ a hero who served with honor.