Wednesday, March 7, 2012

McKechnie game day parking challenge

If you've got business in the part of town near McKechnie Field between now and the end of March, do yourself a favor and check one thing.
Are the Pirates playing that day?
No? Cool.
Yes? Change your plans.
Or make sure you're not driving there around the time of the first pitch at 1:05 p.m.
Unless, of course, you're going to the game.
Then you're on your own.
I had an appointment on 17th Avenue West and, for a change, it nothing to do with the ballgame,
There was no parking available at all along the north or south sides of the street that's the main artery to the ballpark, aside from Ninth Street West.
Nor were there any spaces available in the parking lot of my destination.
The person I was meeting said it'd be fine to double park, but I decided no thanks.
Given the congestion, I had no doubt my pickup would be towed away.
Game day or no game day.
So I ended up swinging down 18th Avenue and --- voila! --- found a spot.
It was in the volunteer lot for Our Daily Bread, but I was running late and decided to take a chance.
I got to my meeting and was finished in about 30 minutes.
I walked back to 18th Avenue West, turned the corner and --- my pickup was still there.
Next time I'm back in that part of town, it will be for a ballgame.
I've got a favorite parking spot for that.

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