Monday, March 26, 2012

Giving thanks after Sunday morning scare

It was one of those moments where you truly say, there but for the grace of God go I.
I was on my way to Sunday morning mass at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Whitfield.
Running a little late, I didn't want to wait for the light at Tallevast Road and US 301 and turned north.
There was one car in front of me in the left-hand turn lane for the light at Whitfield Avenue and when we got the green arrow the driver took his time making the turn.
I thought about passing him on the outside, but changed my mind.
Why push my luck.
So I took my time.
Good thing.
The car was 20-25 yards ahead of me when it happened.
A station wagon suddenly drove onto Whitfield from a street on the north side.
I'm like, this isn't really happening, is it?
Unfortunately, yes.
The auto T-boned the station wagon with shuddering impact.
I stopped as did traffic coming from the other direction to see if anybody needed help.
Incredibly, both drivers seemed OK.
Stunned? Yes.
But OK.
Same for the passengers.
Eventually I drove onto church, saying a silent prayer as I went.
That could've been me.
Thankfully, it wasn't.
I was driving my wife's SUV.

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