Monday, February 27, 2012

Cooking for one not what is used to be

It's funny how quickly a married guy can revert back to his bachelor habits.
When it comes to dinner, that is.
Sherri left Sunday for a two-day bank conference in Orlando.
Before she left, though, she took me by the hand, opened the freezer and showed me a plethora of dinner possibilities for Sunday night and Monday night.
I do some of the cooking although my wife does most.
Good thing.
Weekend barbecues are my specialty.
Steak. Ribs. Yeah.
I've done the crock pot thing, too.
But my wife has always been around so I wasn't really on my own.
Until Sunday.
So I had pizza.
It was one of the possibilities in the freezer and one I knew well from my days as a bachelor.
I enjoyed it.
It was eating alone I didn't like.
Monday was a long day and didn't get home until well after 7 p.m.
I didn't even bother looking in the freezer this time.
I grabbed a can of chicken soup out of the pantry, heated it up, opened a sleeve of crackers and chowed down.
It was all right.
Can't wait until Sherri comes back.
That woman has spoiled me.

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