Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ware's Creek is going to ... the hogs?

Just when we thought Ware's Creek was all set to be dredged out and straightened up minus any more fuss, the old channel is still being used as a dumping site.

For hog remains?


I've seen all sorts of refuse in the muck of Ware's Creek at low tide.

Patio furniture.

Rubber boots.

Plenty of beer cans. That's no surprise.

But wild hog remains?

How gross.

Bradenton City Councilman Pat Roff, whose home is on Virginia Drive on the channel's west side, said six carcasses have been dumped in the vicinity of the basin, just south of the Manatee Avenue Bridge.

Turkey vultures have been having feast.

He called it “unsanitary, unsightly, and certainly not civilized."

Roff might've included it stinks to high heaven, too.

Since wild hogs aren't part of the animal population in that part of Bradenton, it's a good bet they were caught in the rural parts of Manatee County east of the city.

That's natural.

But bringing their butchered remains all the way to Ware's Creek?

It doesn't make any sense.

Said City Attorney Bill Lisch, “Do we need to start a pig patrol?”


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