Thursday, January 5, 2012

From DeSoto queen to Miss America?

When Ellie Ohlman’s reign as DeSoto queen ends in April, that will not be the end of the pageant trail for the University of South Florida freshman and future DeSoto queens.
For the first time in the pageant’s 70-plus years, the DeSoto queen is eligible to vie for Miss Florida.
And if they win that, it’s onto Miss America.
Vernon DeSear, a two-time national judge for the Miss America Pageant and former Miss Florida Pageant vice-president, said the Miss America Pageant has expanded its qualifying program to include fair and festival pageant winners, not just the traditional 50 state pageant winners.
That also means reigning Miss Manatee County Fair Queen Tiffany Elder and her successors could vie for Miss Florida if the Manatee River Fair Association chooses to sponsor its 16-21-year-old "Miss" division winner.
"They’re looking into it," said DeSear, a Manatee Memorial Hospital vice-president.
The Miss Florida pageant is July in St. Petersburg.

James Haddon a winter resident from Gaines, Mich., is 91.
He and Corinne have been married 47 years.

Lakewood Ranch High School’s Silver Stars dance team performed during the Discover Orange Bowl halftime show.
They are captain Melanie Hahn, co-captain Jessica Goodwin, Danielle Calabrese, Caitlin Currey, Keeley Daily, Isabella Giacalone, Rachel Gross, Casey Henshaw, Michelle Jackson, Brooke Kiser, Heather Krizov, Kylee McKinney, Kelsey McVaugh, Tyrese Taylor and Samantha Thomas. Hope Hahn is coach.

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    I love this story! Come out and join us for the Miss Spirit if Hernando DeSoto pageant!! Call 813 716 6767