Monday, September 26, 2011

Hawaiian shirt, shorts, sandals not needed

Wanted: high-end, wealthy-looking Palm Beach types, ages 30 to 70.

That's what the cattle call ... er, casting call specified for extras needed during a three-day shoot at Ringling Museum's Ca' d'Zan Manson for "Parker," a thriller starring Michael Chiklis, Jennifer Lopez, Nick Nolte and Jason Statham.


It'd be cool to maybe meet Michael Chiklis. Or Jason Statham.

Well, I'm afraid I'm not high end.

Although my wife says I'm hard to put up with sometimes.

Champagne and canapes? I'll pass.

Make mine beer and wings.

I sure as heck ain't a wealthy-looking Palm Beach type, either.

According to the casting call it means tuxedo, tux shirt, bowtie, pocket squares, black dress shoes, black socks, etc., etc., etc.

Guess there's no room for a guy who prefers Hawaiian shirts, shorts and sandals.

That's OK.

I've been to Palm Beach for a few functions during my 19 years in Palm Beach County --- without getting thrown out! --- and I'll keep dressing the way I do, thank  you.

But I am between 30 and 70.

One out of three isn't bad.

What's that?

The casting call is filled up?

Story of  my life.

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