Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How not to use your weed wacker

My plan was to cut the lawn Wednesday evening before my wife got home, but rain scotched those good intentions.

Just as well.

After cutting the lawn after work a week ago, I'd spent a few hours in Saturday's brutal heat and humidity edging and weed wacking and trimming around the yard and that was an ordeal.

It didn't help that I almost took off my left ankle.

Well, it felt like it, anyway.

Our weed wacker is electric and I have to hook it up with an extension cord.

Which is what I was doing early in my chores Saturday.

I had the weed wacker near my feet, which should've been no big deal except I was wearing flip flops instead of the usual sneakers for yard work.

Bad move.

When I plugged the extension cord into the handle, I inadvertently tripped the trigger and the business end of the weed wacker started whipping at my left heel.


It was one of those moments where you're going --- did I just do what I think I did?

The blood was proof.

I limped into the house to administer first aid when my wife walked in and saw my ankle.

Don't ask, I said.

Talk about feeling stupid?

I still managed to get everything done, before calling it a day.

Cutting the grass can wait --- with my sneakers and socks on, for sure.

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