Monday, July 25, 2011

Bosox tickets suitable for framing, indeed

The frame on the office wall contains a collage with a photo of Tim Connors, a pal and two tickets from Fenway Park.

Not just any tickets, understand.

Tickets to one of the 2007 ALCS games between the Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians.

How Connors got them is cool.

Wheelchair bound and battling cerebral palsy, the 34-year-old Boston native is the program and advocacy coordinator for the Suncoast Center for Independent Living in Sarasota.

The day of that particular game, Connors and a pal wondered if they could get tickets.

Of course, the game was sold out.

But Connors, who knows the nuances of the Americans with Disabilities Act, had an idea.

He'd handled football tickets and parking at Doak Campbell Stadium for fans with disabilities when he was got his masters in sports administration at FSU a couple of years before.

"It is sold out, but they have to keep some tickets for people with disabililties," Connors remembered telling his pal and fellow Bosox fan. "I did that at FSU."

So they went to Fenway, got the tickets and watched the Bosox who would eventually win the seven-game ALCS 4-3 en route to their 2007 World Series championship.

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