Saturday, June 4, 2011

Signs you're Floridian in hurricane season

Hurricane season is here and five days in, so far so good.

No Arlene in sight.

May we never meet.

Ditto for Bret and Cindy.

Don, Emily, Franklin and Gert, too.

That goes hundredfold for my namesake, Vince.

We can definitely do without a hurricane season that reaches 21-named storms.

Or even half that.

So, thanks to readers with a kindred sense of dark humor, here are some tropically-related laughs for your reading pleasure while we keep an eye on the horizon through Dec. 1.

You might be a Floridian if:

The nickname of your favorite weatherman, Bob Harrigan, is “Hurricane.”

You catch a 7-pound catfish — in your driveway.

Your washing machine makes a handy cooler.

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