Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Long weekend at Little Leaguers' hotel

I love Little Leaguers.

Just not at 2 a.m.

Allow me to explain.

Sherri and I were in Groveport, Ohio --- a Columbus suburb --- for her high school reunion and we stayed at the same Holiday Inn Express we've used every visit.

It's never, ever crowded.

Boy, was it ever last weekend.

We found that when we checked in Thursday afternoon and the place was a madhouse.

Evidently, there was a 40-team tournament going on in the neighborhood and for the next three days it seemed like all 40 teams were staying at that Holiday Inn Express.

Kids were running around, up and down the hallways, carrying on.

We didn't have a problem with that we were out.

It was when the stampeding continued after 10 p.m. --- Thursday, Friday and Saturday --- and sounded like the roof was going to cave in on us any second.

Where were their parents?

Camped out in the parking lot, partying through 2 a.m.

Some of their kids were out there, too.

One of the reasons we like this hotel is the free full breakfast, but starting our day with a nice cup of coffee and relaxing over eggs and bacon was out.

It was chaos.

So we went to the Bob Evans next door.

Come Sunday, all the teams had checked out, so the hotel seemed normal again, thank goodness.

Even the hotel staff rejoiced at the peace and quiet.

A full house had been good for business, but it wasn't good for the rest of the hotel's paying customers.

Think we'll look for another place to stay next trip.

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