Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hard hats in fashion at McKechnie Field?

So the Bradenton Marauders' brass are taking off the roofs at McKechnie Field over the first- and third-base reserve seating for safety reasons.


All those foul balls that bounce off the roof on the third base side and carom onto Ninth Street West?

The fellas that run down those balls and turn around to try and sell are going to be losing out on most of their inventory.

As for the foul balls that usually bang off the roof on the first base side, land in the food garden and set off a mad scramble by kids waiting in line for a hot dog?

They'll be dive bombing into the stands.

Which I'm OK with because I always bring a glove to Marauder games.

Haven't caught a foul ball yet where I sit, but I will now.

As for my fellow season ticket holders in the reserved seating along both baselines?

If they don't bring gloves, hard hats might do.

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