Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sex business ordinance makes us feel so safe

I feel so much safer about living in Manatee County today.

Don't you?

That the county's ordinance governing sexually oriented businesses is finally good to go against any and all legal challenges after more than a decade legal wrangling makes me want to shout for joy.

It just makes me feel good all over.

The county's dogged defense of its finely tuned ordinance dealing with strip joints, novelty shops and massage parlors like those curious establishments on First Street was borne out of its devotion to protecting the health, safety and welfare of us residents.

But without trying to suppress said business's right to free speech or free expression, of course.

Think that means whatever enticing message is up on their neon signs at happy hour.

You know, "Cold Beer, Hot Ladies."

Or something like that.

The county's march through the courts to the moral high ground began in 1999 with a nudity ordinance, followed by a 2000 adult entertainment ordinance amendment.

More than a decade later, victory!

"It is undeniable that the county has made a substantial showing relying on as thorough a record as we have seen in these cases ... "  said a federal court of appeals.

Big whoop.

Is there a trophy that goes with that?

Remind of me of the significance of this legal breakthrough the next time the county starts making noises about closing down libraries in order to save money.

I don't even want to know what the amount of the legal bills

Our tax dollars at work.

Tuck money not included.

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