Monday, April 25, 2011

A 14-year resident bids B'town fond farewell

The annual Seafood Fest is among things Kevin McCarron will miss.

The next time you  hear somebody say they can't wait to get out of Bradenton, remember Kevin McCarron.

Here's a nice email he sent after Get Down Downtown last Thursday, two days before he left town.

But he promised he'll be back.


"My family and I are from Pittsburgh and lived in North Carolina for four years before coming to Manatee County. We have been here for 14 years, and I am leaving to go back to North Carolina. I left Get Down Downtown this evening and can't believe I am leaving the place we call home. Ironically, when I arrived downtown tonight the Old Main's marquee said, 'Kevin, we will miss you forever.' I know this wasn't meant for me, but it hit a nerve. As I left tonight's event, I was overcome with emotions of the memories of Bradenton. I love this place!

"Bradenton isn't perfect by any means, but the mix of people and places here are something to behold. I'll miss my friends, but I will miss everything about this place. Every event, every establishment has a mix of bikers, snowbirds, rednecks and the rest. Everyone, everywhere we have been, gets along, whether it's the Seafood Fest, The Taste of Bradenton, The Rib Fest, Woody's River Roo or Downtown. Any event, anywhere, people are friendly and courteous. It's not Sarasota, it's Bradentucky.

"I'll miss all the events that Gold Coast Eagle sponsored, I'll miss the cheese steaks at Casa di Pizza (even though they are Buffalo fans), the bands at Woody's, the weekends we did our 'beach run' (hitting all the bars on Anna Maria) with my friends, all the country bands I've heard, all the people I've met and every place and event I've been to --- blue skies, warm water and golf. Manatee County will always be my home.

"I'm sure that we will spend every vacation on Anna Maria until we get back back here when we retire. Hopefully sooner? When I got got in my car to leave Get Down Downtown, Rodney Atkins was singing, 'These are My People.'

"Bradenton, you are the best! Don't ever change."

See you soon,
Kevin McCarron

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