Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Season of festive feasting under way

The holidays have begun in earnest, all right.

Not the gift buying, understand.

It's the festive feasting I'm talking about.

Got an early start with the office parties last week, but we've shifted into high gear since then.

Last Friday night was a double-barrel dad-and-daughter birthday bash.

Then Sunday evening, a Christmas pageant, dinner and dessert, a tradition with some longtime friends.

Went to our niece's "Sweet 16" party Wednesday night, a quasi-Christmas affair with another wonderful dinner and dessert.

There's another bash Thursday night to celebrate some good friends' daughter's graduation from the University of Florida. Be plenty to eat there, too.

Then comes Christmas Eve at the in-laws house with more eating and exchanging of gifts.

Followed by Christmas dinner at the in-laws once more Saturday evening.

New Years is more than a week away, but I already know what one of my resolutions is going to be.

Sound familiar?

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