Monday, December 6, 2010

Hanging outside lights always an adventure

Putting up Christmas lights can be an adventure.

Like Sunday.

Sherri and I spent a good portion of a beautiful afternoon hanging strands of lights around the front of the house.

First the garage side, then residential side.

When we plugged in the former, every light turned on.


Then when we plugged in the latter two separate spans didn't.


So we took down the faulty ones and drove to Walmart to buy new ones. Sherri had gotten them -- a garland style -- there two years ago.

Only they didn't have any in stock. Or they didn't make that style anymore.

Then we drove to Target.

No luck there either.

Well, rather than return home empty-handed, we bought some hanging icicle style with colors.

By the time we hung those, it was getting on toward 5 o'clock.

So we decided the garage side of the house will have to wait.

Until next weekend.

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