Monday, May 17, 2010

Grandma a hero for this family

It was the 1940s in Palmetto.

A simpler time, Charlotte Underwood said.

She and three siblings were being raised by their paternal grandmother, Donia Underwood.

Their dad, Willis, had gone off to war and their mom, Madeline, had died in 1943 from tuberculosis.

"My grandmother was an amazing person," said Charlotte, 68. "When she took us on she was elderly. She had 12 children of her own. She'd had a hard life ... but she was a determined, talented lady.
"She could take  a piece of newspaper, put it up against you, cut out a pattern and make an article of clothing from that."

That wasn't all Grandma Underwood could do.

The house in which she raised her four grandchildren was partially paid for by her son's Army pay. She fixed it up, too, putting on siding and such.

"She was a determined lady," Charlotte said. "Nothing ever stopped her."

Grandma had a way with words, too.

"I'd ask her, 'Was my mother pretty?' She'd say, yes. My mother was very pretty. Then she said, 'But pretty is as pretty does.' I've always remembered that."

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