Saturday, February 1, 2014

$4 million Super Bowl commercials better be good

More than 111 million Americans are expected to watch the Super Bowl Sunday night, but half probably couldn’t care less about the game.
That’s right.
They’re more interested in the Super Bowl’s commercials.
According to the Nielsen ratings, 51 percent of people surveyed after last year’s game watched it solely for that reason.
If the pattern repeats itself, advertisers may get a bang for their buck.
B-i-i-i-g bucks.
Guess how much Fox is charging for a 30-second spot?
Try $4 million!
They’d better be good commercials for that price.
There sure were enough bad ones during the past regular season.
When those kind of commercials come on, I hit the mute button on our remote immediately.
In that spirit, I’ve compiled a list of such ads from the last several monoths and think you’ll agree on some of them,
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