Saturday, December 21, 2013

How could a sharp guy like Kinnan get in this mess?


Say it ain’t so, Joe.
The headlines we’ve become accustomed to seeing about coach Joe Kinnan late in the year usually trumpet yet another deep state playoff run by his Manatee Hurricanes.
Not this week.
These headlines are the unflattering kind about Kinnan facing a 10-day suspension after the Manatee School District’s investigation of the former Hurricane baseball coach, Dwayne Strong, and his alleged financial and ethical mismanagement of the program.
Kinnan is accused of lying during the inquest and faces additional allegations in the investigative report:
• Immorality.
• Misconduct in office.
• Incompetence.
• Gross insubordination.
• Willful neglect of duty.
Kinnan may have made mistakes in this baffling episode, but I’m skeptical of some findings.
Joe Kinnan?
Come on.
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