Monday, October 7, 2013

Rays rule on this couple's TV arrangement

For the past several weeks, Sherri and I have had both TVs in the living room.
One is usually in the bedroom and we used to bring it out only on Saturdays for college football, then move it back inside.
Not lately, though.
Not with the Rays.
Especially the Rays.
It doesn't matter what we've got on the other TV --- "The Voice," "MNF," "Bluebloods," etc.
The Rays have been on the other TV, even with the sound turned down.
Not Monday night.
No "Voice," either.
Monday Night Football was on the other TV with the sound off.
The only other sound was either or both of us yelling when something good or bad happened in the game.
Like when the umpire called the Red Sox pinch runner safe at second.
Or when Longo smacked his 3-run homer.
Or when Matt Joyce struck out with bases loaded.
But definitely when Jose Lobaton went yard in the bottom of the ninth, bombing the rays' fish tank in dramatic fashion, keeping the Rays postseason alive another game.
Did you catch the look on those Red Sox fans' faces when the game-winning home run ball sailed over their heads?
Oh, yeah.
Can't wait for Tuesday night's game.
Who cares what's on the other TV?

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