Friday, July 12, 2013

Can Long Bar Pointe, Cortez Fishing Village coexist?

The view from the rickety dock was so peaceful on those Sunday afternoons.
The idle fishing boats, the wildlife, the mangroves — even the abandoned houseboat — were aglow in the fading sunlight around the northern rim of Sarasota Bay.
This is living, I’d think behind Alcee and Plum Taylor’s old two-story house in Cortez, visiting the gracious couple my first few years here.
Alcee’s gone now and it may be a blessing.
Long Bar Pointe, the coastal resort Carlos Beruff and Larry Lieberman have proposed, must have the feisty Cortezian spinning in his grave.
Beruff got an earful at a town hall meeting last Thursday evening from Cortez folks — Alcee’s widow among them — and other area residents up in arms about the project and its impact on their corner of paradise.

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