Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Turning cheeseburgers into grassburgers made easy

Sister-in-law Chris Manring with the evidence.
Everything was going so beautifully last Sunday.
The family was relaxed, lounging around our pool deck, the Rays were winning on TV and my wife was in the kitchen getting the rest of the fixin's ready for supper with the help of her sisters and niece.
Then when the holiday meal was ready to be served, I dropped the ball.
The cheeseburgers, that is.
I'll explain.
A master BBQer I may  not be, but I love to work our grill, which is outside the house.
Haven't had any complaints, either.
I put that to the test Sunday.
There I was, firing up eight burgers for the team and, after slapping a slice of cheese on each and letting them melt, I carefully scooped each cheeseburger onto a plate.
Then I turned and tried to open the pool screen door, a maneuver I've made countless times.
Except Sunday.
The plate slipped out of my hand and eight cheeseburgers fell with it onto the backyard lawn.
It was like watching one of those slo-mo scenes.
This ... can't ... be ... happening.
But it did.
With an assist from snickering family members, I piled the burgers back onto the plate and deposited it on the table.
Voila! Grassburgers!
They ate every one.
It was an entertaining meal with a lot of  laughter, even if it was at my expense.
"Hey, roughage is good for you."
"Bet you can't do that again."
"Mmm, it actually tastes better with grass."
It will be a long time before I live it down.

P.S: I did ribs Monday evening for Sherri and I and dropped nary a one.

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