Wednesday, September 5, 2012

McGonegal's retiring comes as no surprise

That Tim McGonegal announced his retirement as Manatee County school superintendent effective Feb. 28 should come as no surprise.
Not after the result of last month's primary race for the School Board's District 2 seat.
When attorney David Miner, a longtime school board antagonist, became the prohibitive favorite in November's runoff after nearly winning it outright, McGonegal could see what lie ahead.
His skill is finance, working with numbers, so he can count.
Especially votes.
Votes by the citizenry and votes by the school board, McGonegal's bosses.
Unless Miner somehow throws away the position of strength he already established with voters --- 19,211 votes to Lakewood Ranch High teacher Robert Moates's 12,234 votes -- he should win.
That would likely align him with Julie Aranibar and Karen Carpenter, first-time school board members who frequently challenged the status quo, represented by incumbents Bob Gause, Barbara Harvey and Harry Kinnan.
When Kinnan chose not to run, Miner seized the opportunity, plugging into the undercurrent of public dissatisfaction with the school district.
Hence, if Miner wins on Nov. 6, there will be a sea change in the dynamics and direction of the school board.
That does not bode well for McGonegal's longevity as superintendent and he knew it.
So he's retiring.

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